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Own a Piece of Islamorada Ingenuity…

Fifty years ago, William Henry Roberts began building a timeless classic flats boat along a venerable design, which would revolutionize the world of sport fishing. A portrait of excellence for its time, the legendary Willy Roberts Boat — built in Islamorada and later Tavernier by this third-generation boat builder whose ancestors came to Key West from Man O’ War Cay in the Bahamas — would become the boat-of-choice for top professional shallow water guides throughout the Florida Keys. Never a production skiff, these “boats that built the sport” were handmade, one-at-a-time, with the finest old world craftsmanship, quality and originality — and they still are.

Today, we at Willy Roberts Classic Boats are proud to continue this Florida tradition for guides and fishermen from Texas to Maine, across the Caribbean, and anywhere anglers ply the skinny water. We continually introduce modern technologies to complement the beautiful classic lines and fishability of this masterpiece, while using the same painstaking attention to detail that Willy used in every boat he built. As a result, we offer superior customer satisfaction and the highest quality flats boats built in the USA.

We build our boats using Kevlar, Core Cell, and Vinylester resin in a composite construction. This cutting edge technology allows us to build the strongest, lightest, most durable product we possibly can build. This process, additionally, allows us to build the shallowest boat possible, using Willy’s already shallow-draft original design. As a custom boat builder, we are able to take time and care in building your boat to your discriminating preferences — to meet your own specific requirements — resulting in an incomparable product, which enables our customers many years of fishing adventures.


Thanks for Visiting
Great to see so many friends at the 2014 Upper Keys Rotary Nautical Market in Islamorada. Thank you for stopping by.

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